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The game

You are a shepherd trying to guide your flock home in the evening, avoiding the dark unknown where the infamous chupacabra waits to prey on any unfortunate goats who wander too far away from the safety of light.

Toss or pitch lanterns to guide your flock to safety. Tossing a lantern (left click) ensures it lands safely and casts light until its fuel source expires. Beware there is a cooldown on how often you may do this as it requires complete concentration!

See some of your flock heading towards certain doom in the cloudy dark? Pitch one of your lanterns (right click) at the area you want them to avoid, these lanterns won't stay lit once they land, but the resulting crash will surely startle the goats in a different direction.

The game ends when you reach the safety of the main barn. Depending on the win  conditions you start with, you must return enough goats to the safety of this barn in order to win. Losing too many goats will result in failure and shame.


The game is rather difficult, so be sure to configure it for easy success (and a small flock size) to get the hang of it. Goats in the darkness for a short time will quickly be snatched by the chupacabras.

This is my first full game, and I wanted to make sure I had a complete prototype that did not cut corners on things such as UI, Sounds, etc. Expect some things to be minimalistic and/or awkward in their presentation :)

Thanks for playing!!


Chupacabros_Final.zip 22 MB


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My goats are in danger!

Hey there I downloaded the game but is missing the exe, just a heads up 

Hm, I just downloaded myself and the exe should be there :/